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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Top Goal Setting Formula

Setting Goals are critical to your success in any endeavour. These top goal setting formula will ensure that you stay focused on your path to success in building your internet business or in general, can be applied to any venture. These are the pointers I have learnt over the years and it also serves as a good procrastination buster.

Many people set goals but never get to fulfill them. Some are due to inactivity by the goal setters and their goals will always remain part of their dream. Some who worked towards their goal gave up in the end due to procrastination set in or burn out too quickly before they see results. It is important that when a goal is set, you ought to hold yourself accountable to it.

These top goal setting formula that I am about to reveal when apply guaranteed success in any endeavour. Before revealing the formula, let me share the rules for goal setting that are equally important. Firstly, your goal must be measurable. That means you must state how much you must achieve in a given dateline. For example, you may want to increase the number of visitors to your website by 1000 next month. Secondly, your goal must be achievable but challenging. Lastly, it must be visible. This is necessary as it makes you more accountable to your goals. Be it writing down or pasting them in obvious places or tell people about your goals, make it visible.

Finally, these steps when you stick through it, though simple, guarantees success in your internet business venture. The first formula to set top goal is to set a big audacious goal. Dream Big and set a lofty big goal with a time frame of 5 years. The second formula is to set your top 5 annual goals. The top 5 things you want to achieve each year which eventually culminate to your big lofty goal in 5 years time. Setting annual goals is insufficient. The timeline is too long and most of the time, procrastination kicks in.

That kicks in third formula which requires you to break your yearly goals into quarterly goals. Set your top 5 quarterly goals. With that quarterly goals, set your top 5 monthly goals. It is not finished yet. Now with your monthly goals, set your top 5 weekly goals. What I am sharing with you is a no brainer regime which works like wonder if you stick to the regime. Here, I am breaking a lofty huge goal into smaller milestones which motivates you along the way and helps kicking away procrastination. Hold yourself accountable, use time as effective as possible and you can turn a no brainer regime into a top goal setting formula.